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I'm definitely not dead (or dying)

Hi everyone. I noticed today that I haven't posted since I bought the super trooper. I guess recently I've had a feeling that the events of my life are quite inconsequential, leaving me with little desire to waste my time recording them. However I think it'd be nice to catch up with you lj-folk, so I'll give an update for those of you I haven't talked to for a while.

April/ May:

>Went to ACen and had a generally good time. A better time would have been had if I'd gone with more money and if I wouldn't have been stuck with a wet blanket.

>Quit my job at Rocky Rococo's

>Finished my second and last semester at UW-Whitewater

>Searched for a new job after coming home


>Got a job at Noodles & Company-Fitchburg

>Was asked if interested in being promoted to shift manager

>Fell nutsack over heels for one of my co-workers


>Began working at Noodles & Company-East to train to become a shift manager, having not been made aware that once my training was through, I would not be returning to Fichburg like I had hoped.

>Went to a music festival in Janesville called the "Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering" and embraced my hippie way of life.


>Moved into the new apartment with Keith and Gemma. I brought Serjio with me (much to his dismay).

>Decided that I cannot afford to wok at Noodles East anymore, and am looking to transfer soon.

So, in summation I have been well. I am, if nothing else, comfortable. And it feels pretty damned nice to be that way.

Fell free to call me if you would like to come visit the new place. Keith and Gemma and I plan on having a shindig sooner or later, but we would like a chance to get settled in a little better before that happens.
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