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T3h Year In Review....(now with more toast!)

Well folks, here we are, year 2007. We've done it again gang! We made it past another bout of cicling the sun and look at how we've grown! Let's look at Toasmater Tom's year in review:

January: I don't recall much of January. What I do remeber is that I was going through Hell working so much at O-Max, but other than that, nothing of particular importance stands out in my mind.

FebruarySee above. However, I do recall a pleasant Valentine's day with Kyon and our "Dinner and a Movie" deal with some of our Whitewater firends. That was fun.

MarchI remeber very little of March.

AprilNot much better than March. My first LJ Entry was sometime during this month.

MayMay was certainly one of the most flavorful moths I lived through this past year. During the month of May I endured the stress of working 25 hours a week on top of trying to graduate early, trying to pass my classes so I could graduate arly, the HEll that was ACen 2006 (Which in retrospect I blame no-one but myself for), the beginning of the end of my relationship with Kyon, and the point where I temporarily quit my job to finish school.

JuneKyon's birthday, graduation, graduation party, the end of my relationship with Kyon, starting at O-Max again.

JulyThe awkwardness of being a single man for the first time in four years, the agony of thinking of Kyon with someone else, Kate 2.0...

AugustRealization that my "relationship" with Kate 2.0 was going nowhere, "Twistin' the Night Away", my going away party, moving to Whitewater

SeptemberClasses began, and I started off on a good foot, made many friends, went to a few parties, sold Oskar (to Kate 2.0), turned 18, Toasty's first comic appeared.

OctoberClasses began to slip, Rocky Horror live on Friday the 13th, the acceptance of my bisexuality, the acceptance that Kyon and I will never get back together and that we will never be more than friends again,

NovemberClasses began to fall apart, apathy began, I joined the Velvet Darkness cast, Thanksgiving.

DecemberFailed 3 classes, almost got into a fight with Kyon about our Japanese project, suffered a lot of stress because of family and school issues, realized that looking for women in Whitewater will forever be fruitless, began performing for Velvet Darkness without fucking it up completely, first Christmas in four years without a girlfriend, recieved a very nice long, black, wool jacket for Christmas, relaxed as much as possible once I got home, ignored LJ/my e-mail due to my slow internet, celebrated New Year's with some of my best friends.

There you have it! To be honest, I can't say this year was bad in retrospect. I can definately say a lot of bad things happened, but I can't say it brings me down about the whole experience of this past year. Thanks to good friends and good times! Here's to a happy 2007!

-rising only to toast-

P.S. I'm totally throwin spellcheck out the window on this one because I don't feel like waiting for my cmputer at hom to process this.

P.S.S. Thank you evil_jim for the wonderful evening, the hospitality, the food and the Eva-enduced headache. I really cherish your friendship.
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