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It's really fuckin' cold back here.

So it's really fucking cold back here. It has been all winter. One of the unfortunate things about the way my house was built is that not all the rooms in my house get proper heat. With the computer now being situated in my brother's old room it becomes a pain just to sit down and try to read my e-mails.

School starts on Monday, so I will be leaving on Sunday for Whitewater. It'll be nice to have high speed internet again, not to mention my well heated room and high pressure showers. Regardless of however nice those things may be, I still have to face the fact that I'm looking at a 1.0 GPA and a semester's worth of academic probation.

Tomorrow night I have Rocky, and I guess I'm excited for that because a couple of people I know will hopefully be coming. I dunno, the thought of my brother seeing my run around half naked bothers me a bit, but not enough to distract me from the show or to ask him not to come. Tomorrow night is also Colin's show, which I am excited about not only because I finally get to see him perform, but I will also be bringing a date with me.

My date's name is Ashly, an Art/Comp Sci major at Edgewood college that is the roommate of my brother's girlfriend. I met her one time when Jack had picked me up from Rocky Horror and had taken me back to his apartment where Regina and Ashly were spending the night. I was still pretty pumped up from Rocky, and was having trouble sleeping so I began to chat with her as we laid on opposite ends of my brother's living room. We ended up talking until what must have been 5 in the morning until we realized that we really need to get some sleep. I can't say that we really hit it off or that there were sparks or anything, but I know I got the impression that she was a really cool person and someone that would probably be a little out of my league if I were to ask her out. About a week or so ago I received a phone call from my brother telling me that Regina, his girlfriend, had talked to Ashly, and Ashly had told Regina that if I were to ask her out, she wouldn't say no. Lo and behold, we will both be going to Colin's show together and she will be coming to Rocky with me.

I'm kinda nervous because I've never really been out on a date before. When Kate and I were together we went out to dinner and went to movies and such, but that was after knowing each other as friends for several years, then being together as a couple for quite a while. I suppose you can call the time I spent with Kate 2.0 a sort-of dating situation, but I don't think that she thought of it the same way. This is the first time that I've taken someone who is almost a complete stranger out on a real date and I'm nervous because I don't want to mess up any chances of her wanting to see me more, or possibly on a more long-term basis.

If you look at the past two relationships I've had, I've never had to win a woman over before dating them. I've always had relationships where I knew my partner as a friend before I began dating them, and when we began dating, it was just like it was being friends with them, only with the benefits of romance and eventually sex. This is going to be different. I cant expect this to be a long term thing, and I certainly can't expect her to fall in love with me right off the bat. I guess I'm unaccustomed to this sort of thing. I dunno.

I'll probably see most of you tomorrow night, but if I don't I will post on lj how everything went. Look out for this Tuesday's special editon of Toasty McToast: The Lost December Episodes!

-rising only to toast-
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